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Tips for Hosting International Delegations

Visa Invitation Letters

Some groups may require an invitation letter to visit Mason in order to apply for their visa. These letters should state clearly the date of the visit, purpose of the visit and list of invited delegates.

Gifts for international delegates

Mason policies based on the State of Virginia permit giving gifts only to international visitors to express appreciation for the visit, promote goodwill, or as part of customary protocol. Suggested items include items with Mason’s logo or seal, Patriot Pins, or books written by faculty members. Gifts should be of nominal value and presented publicly to the visitors. Gifts should not be given to obtain influence or advantage.

Cultural Considerations

Etiquette and proper protocol vary by country. The following resources may be helpful in familiarizing yourself with the culture of your visitors.

Kwintessential Culture Guides

eDiplomat Cultural Etiquette Guides

A Note on the Perception of “Time”

Some cultures place a high value on punctuality. Letting guests know about the tradition of starting on time and the value of people’s time may be in order.

Arranging campus tours for delegations

Admissions provides public tours for visitors on a space available basis.

Arranging meeting space for visiting delegations

Mason has limited conference / meeting room space for visiting delegations. Arrangements must be made with an appropriate academic department to procure campus space.

Arranging parking space for visiting delegations

Mason’s Parking Services has three parking decks on campus with space for visitors. There is no designated bus parking on campus. Suggested bus drop off points are the Sandy Creek Circle, Mason Pond Drive and Rappahannock area in front of Merten Hall . Due to current construction sites in the region, visitors should leave ample time for arriving on campus and finding parking. Parking vouchers may be purchased from Parking Services and provided to international guests as appropriate. It is suggested that a log be kept of these transactions.

Translation Services

Mason generally does not provide translation services for international visitors.