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Guidelines for International Visitors


When to visit

It is easiest to schedule campus meetings during the academic year when faculty and administrators are on campus. Summer visits are possible, but many faculty and faculty administrators are away from campus during that time and not all requests can be accommodated.

Visits cannot be scheduled during the Winter Holidays or on University holidays when the campus is closed. Please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Walking and Driving on Campus

Please note that Mason’s campus is large and driving to campus buildings is not always possible. Your visit will likely include a fair amount of walking and we advise you to wear comfortable shoes. If mobility is an issue, please be sure to let your campus hosts know. A campus map and directions can be found here.


We are unable to provide translating services for delegations. Groups in need of translation should make independent arrangements. On rare occasions a student or faculty member with language capability may be involved.


Information on where to stay near campus can be found here.

Visit the State Department’s website for information on required documentation for visits to the United States and to locate your nearest U.S. Embassy: