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Welcome & Planning Your Travel to Mason Fairfax

Greetings and welcome to Fairfax! You are about to take the next step in your progress as an undergraduate at George Mason University—traveling to the Fairfax campus and continuing your academic progress in the United States! Although you will find many similarities between Mason Korea and Mason Fairfax, you will also experience transitions and adjustments, some of them exciting and others challenging. This Transition Resource Guide is designed to help you plan for these changes, because being ready is an important part of managing your progress and positioning yourself for success.

Many important resources are easy to find online. All of us at Mason Fairfax are eager to have you join us; we are committed to your continued success!

You will find below a checklist of tasks and due dates. If you are wise, you will not delay in completing all of the items on the list. If you begin each item as soon as possible, you will be able to manage any unexpected problems or complications. If you experience none, you will be ready to take your next steps well ahead of schedule

Task and Checklist and Due Dates

Task & Due Date
Confirm eligibility to study in Fairfax  – March 2015
Attend required information sessions on MK Campus – March 2015
*Complete I-20 request  – March 15 – June 1, 2015
*Complete online housing application to request a space  – April 1 – 15, 2015
in on-campus residence
*Register for classes in Fairfax – April 15 – June 15, 2015
*Schedule F-1 Visa Interview at U.S. Embassy in Seoul – Varies
Earliest day MK students may arrive in the U.S. – August 1, 2015
Move-in to campus housing – August 23, 2015
Immunization records due – August 1, 2015
First day of classesAugust 31, 2015

* I-20 & F-1 Visa Application

  • Visit for information about requesting I-20 and applying F-1 visa.
  • Work with Jiye Chang at Academic & Student Affairs at Mason Korea to complete required paperwork.
  • I-20 requests may begin April 1, 2015 and should be completed before June 25, 2015.
  • When you receive your I-20, go to and use your SEVIS ID number, located in the top right corner of the I-20, to pay the SEVIS Fee ($200). Then schedule a visa appointment to apply for an F-1 entry visa. (The closest consular post is at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul.) You must apply not more than 120 days but not less than 30 days before you plan to arrive in the U.S. The link to schedule a visa appointment and instructions about what to bring are located at:
  • Once the F-1 visa is issued, the earliest day you may arrive in the U.S. is August 1, 2015 (30 days before your program start date)

* Housing Application

  • On-campus housing is guaranteed to those students who follow the required application process.
  • Consult Appendix A for room choices including cost. You will need to select a room type.
  • Complete the online application at by April 15, 2015.
  • Please plan your travel so that you can move in on August 23, 2015.
  • You may send belongings to campus in care of the Office of Global Strategy:

Office of Global Strategy4400 University Drive, MSN 6E6Fairfax, VA 22030Attn: Jim Burke for YOUR NAME HERE* Course Registration

  • The Registrar’s Office will create a registration ticket for all students eligible to come to Fairfax.
  • Registration time tickets are based on classification.
  • You will be eligible to register on April 15, 2015.
  • Use Patriot Web to schedule your courses for fall 2015 in Fairfax.

What to PackImportant documents (Carry these with you, and pack copies in your luggage.)

  • Passport
  • I-20
  • Financial documents
  • Mason admission letter
  • SEVIS fee receipt


  • Northern Virginia has a four-season climate. Bring clothing to accommodate a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Typical temperatures range from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. Winters are cold and occasionally snowy, while summers are usually very warm and humid. If you do not have appropriate seasonal clothing, you can buy it after you arrive.
  • Mason has a large and active international community. We encourage you to bring some traditional clothing to wear at cultural events when you wish to share your heritage.
  • Dress for class is casual; however, you may want to bring a few formal outfits for special events.

Personal items

  • Bring your favorite music, some photos, and books in your language to help you feel at home and to share with your new friends.


  • Bring sheets, blankets, and a pillow; or plan to purchase them here.

For more information, visit OIPS iCenter website,

First Week at Mason Fairfax

*The Preamble: Thursday August 27th evening through Friday August 28th evening. The Preamble is a dynamic series of events and experiences for all new Mason undergraduate students. You will have the opportunity to meet fellow Patriots, learn more about the academic expectations of the university, and engage in the biggest pep rally and dance party in Mason history!
*Welcome Week: Saturday August 29th through Monday September 7th. Welcome Week, which actually spans a two-week period, is a Mason tradition that is jam-packed with fun and informative programs and opportunities to make valuable connections on campus. Appendix B provides descriptions of the traditional Welcome Week events. Details including dates, times, and locations are available at 

Move-in August 23
OIPS check-in (Mandatory) August 24
International Student Orientation August 25
Department Orientation (Academic Advising) August 26
*The Preamble August 27-28
*Welcome Week August 29-September 7
Organized trip to Washington, DC August 29
First Day of Classes August 31

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