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Networked Courses to be offered in 2013-2014

HIST 387- Coping with the Aftermath of Violence

Via video, the course brings students in Moscow’s Higher School of Economics together in a single classroom with Mason students, where they utilize case studies to discuss how states and societies deal with the aftermath of mass violence. Topics include the US South and the aftermath of lynching, South Africa after Apartheid, Russia after Stalinism, and Europe after the Holocaust. This meeting of cultures in an international classroom encourages students to confront their own preconceptions about history, politics, society, and culture while simultaneously developing an understanding of the benefits of doing so.

SOCI 395/CONF 394- Human Rights and Inequalities

A transnational classroom for understanding human rights. Partnering with students at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics in real-time each week using video-conferencing technology. Students will have an opportunity to engage in direct cross-cultural discussion on the meaning of a wide variety human rights practices.

SOCI 332- The Urban World (planned for Fall 2013)

Introduces the study of cities and the challenges they face. The course begins in the United States and then transitions to looking at cities around the world, particularly those in developing countries, where most people live.

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Please contact Cheryl Choy in the Global Office,, for more information on these courses.