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How to use the eMOU

The first step is to complete the Notification of Intent (NOI) form in the e-mou system

Please have the following information before you start completing the NOI form:

  • Contact information of partner (the point-of-contact) – name, email, telephone, city and country of partner
  • Proposed signing date of agreement
  • Proposed start date of project
  • Name of Mason responsible person who would assess outcomes of this agreement
  • Goals and purpose of this collaboration

Steps to completing the form:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “International” button
  3. Login with Mason email login and password
  4. Select appropriate dean or director who would review this collaboration
  5. Answer questions in the form
  6. Click “Submit” button

You will not be able to submit an incomplete form but you can save and come back to the unfinished form later.

After the form is completed, you should receive a confirmation email very soon. If you did not receive the confirmation email, your form might not have been submitted. Please contact the MOU Coordinator for clarification. The form will then be routed to the appropriate dean/director and other administrators for review. Once approved to move forward, you will receive another email with the link to available templates for the agreement development. Send the draft agreement to the International MOU Administrator who will work with you at this stage to completion.

To track the status of your submission, please go to the eMOU site, click on “Track your MOUs” located on the top right of the eMOU webpage.

MOU Committee

Please note that the final draft agreement (the partner should have reviewed and contributed their comments here) must be sent to the MOU Committee for final review before signatures can be obtained. See “About the MOU Process” to understand the complete process.

Need Help?

If there are any attachments or additional information about the partner that you would like to include (if the box provided is not sufficient), or if you have any questions or difficulty completing the form, please send email to

Thank you.