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Agreement Definitions and Templates

Before any agreements can be prepared, a Notification of Intent form must be submitted at the eMOU system.

General Memorandum of Understanding

A general Memorandum of Understanding is a preliminary agreement typically expressing the intent to explore more specific plans in the future. At Mason, the standard term is four years. This template is used to establish a collaborative working relationship between parties as various types of cooperation are being explored.

Articulation Agreement (no template yet)

An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement that matches coursework between institutions. This can be a complicated and lengthy process, please contact the international MOU Administrator early for guidance before proceeding to draft the agreement.

Student Exchange Agreement

An agreement that facilitates temporary study at another institution. “Student Exchange” here refers to a two-way exchange of students between two institutions. Tuition is paid in the home institution. Parity between institutions is monitored to maintain status for continued collaboration. Because of this arrangement, please ensure that parity between the two institutions can be assured before moving ahead with this agreement.

If the collaboration involves only students coming to Mason, this agreement is generally not desirable unless the international institution provides incentives such as scholarships for Mason students, opportunities for faculty or graduate students, or other considerations.

The Center for Global Education is the main unit that administers and coordinates short-term student exchanges. It charges an administration fee for each incoming student.

Faculty Exchange Agreement

This agreement is used to establish the terms of faculty exchange between the participating institutions. Please make sure that your dean or director agrees with the terms.

Dual Degree Agreement

A dual educational program is one in which students study at two or more institutions, and each institution awards a separate program completion credential (diploma) bearing only its own name.

Before completing this agreement, please read About the MOU Process.

Graduate Dual Degree Program Curriculum Map

This map is required to be included in the dual degree agreement. Please note that this is only a sample template. If you have questions, please contact the international MOU administrator.

Miscellaneous Agreement (no template)

This is an agreement that details the specific terms of a proposed project or program which may include financial arrangements, program scope and definitions, statement of work, period of time involved, and other relevant matters. Each program should have its own separate agreement and written according to its requirements.